Otín & Schulte, Abogados – Rechtsanwälte


is an international Law Office, founded in Barcelona at the beginning of 2008 by the Spanish and German lawyers Silvana Otín Ölkers and Susanne Schulte.


On the basis of our different origin, training and experience of many years in the German-Spanish as well as international legal circles, we advise and support our mainly small and medium sized business clients with consideration of their individual needs regarding their business or private affairs in Spain and/or Germany.


If necessary, we are not only supported by a team of cooperating colleagues, tax counsels and chartered accountants from Barcelona and other regions of Spain, but we are also part of the international legal network Iuricom with offices in different countries of the EU.


In cases of litigation we represent our clients´ interests before all Spanish and German Courts.


Our working languages are German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan.







Otin & Schulte

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